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Who Are We and What Do We Want

[This post is an excerpt from Chapter One in The Great Growing Up book] Some years back, before voicemail, a friend of mine recorded a memorable message on his answering machine. As I recall, it went something like this: “Hi, this is Gary. At the sound of the beep please tell me who you are […]

Are Professional Politicians Obsolete?

In writing The Great Growing Up, I had originally included lots of material that had to be cut for the final print version, including a rant on partisanship and the concerns expressed by George Washington about how it could ruin our nation. Washington was clear there needed to be more than one political party, despite […]

Crisis of Imagination

Given all the crises we have in this world, I constantly look for the leverage points, those crises that may have more influence – and thereby deserve more of our attention – in the cascade of challenges and problems facing humanity today. In November, here in this blog, I wrote about the “Crisis of Courage.” […]

What I Know and What I Don’t Know

A habit I picked up some years ago was to be more aware of words I was using and make distinctions where many may not. For instance, there is what I know versus what I believe to be true. One is a belief; the other is a knowing – a knowledge that is pure wisdom, […]

Crisis of Courage: Seduced by Mediocrity

Do you wonder why things are so mediocre today? Do you wonder why our leaders seem to be playing it safe, unwilling to risk, stick their necks out, or take a chance based on principle? Is this a crisis of courage or what some might call a lack of bravery? Indigenous cultures have long talked […]