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Would You Hire a Three-Year-Old Life Coach?

Most of the beliefs we have buried in our psyche were installed many years ago, mostly when we were as young as two to five years old. Early on, we decided we were separate from everyone and everything else. Soon after, because we saw ourselves as separate, many of us took on some version of […]

Misdirection: A Key Tool for Magicians and the Negative Ego

Most of us have heard that one of the most valuable resources for a magician is the ability to misdirect the audience’s attention so the illusion will appear even more magical. Here’s what Wikipedia says about misdirection: Misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing […]

Popping the Myth of Public Service

  Those holding elected office frequently refer to being “in public service,” implying that their chosen careers are quite noble. I concur entirely that public service is a noble choice but so few elected politicians are really serving the public. By all appearances, U.S. politicians subordinate the public good to a couple of other priorities. […]