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What We Want…Really?

For all the talk about world peace and serenity, ending poverty and global warming, the reality we live in seems to remain pretty much unchanged. Do you ever wonder why this is? We have gone to the moon, invented incredible technologies, can appear holographically halfway around the world, but we seem unable to create a […]

Human Adulthood and The Great Growing Up

The point I was making when I wrote The Great Growing Up book was that the human species needs to stop acting like adolescents and grow up into full adulthood, being responsible for our collective future. In my more recent delving into non-dualism, Advaita and unity consciousness I have discovered a writer who has strong […]

Remembering A Nuclear Crisis

  I was drafted in 1960, thankfully when we were not at war with anyone. Shortly after being discharged from the U.S. Army in the Summer of 1962, there was the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviet Union that was the biggest international crisis I have ever experienced that involved the very real possibility of […]

Regret: Self-Directed Resentment

This is time of year when people consider New Year’s Resolutions, future aspirations, sometimes related to mistakes or omissions from the past. In a recent holidays gathering of friends, one man shared his own challenges with recurring regret over things he has done or not done expressing a desire to leap over them whenever they […]

Who Needs a President When It Comes to Leadership?

  There is an old fable that I have been reminded of these past couple of years centered around a Chinese farmer. Here’s part of a version told by British philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973), considered by many to be one of the godfathers of the human potential movement: Once upon a time there was a […]